~ Thank you so much to Cassy and the team at Loco Coco today. We enjoyed the burritos you made us! We split them in two and it was plenty for our staff both in the hardware store and the lumber yard! We are grateful you are in business! Susan E~email

~So Happy just moved here from California and this really is authentic Mexican food right here in Maine (Kittery) I will be back again and again I know it, and it is year-round soooooo happy for this find.

Cannot wait to try more things!

Melody F. ~ Yelp.com

Best Mexican food outside of Mexico. Worth the drive and the experience. Can’t say enough about the fresh food here at Loco Coco’s.

The chicken burrito is shear heaven! All the ingredients are sooooo good.
Perfect for families too. You can dine in and be waited on or grab a quick dinner or lunch to go. The restaurant is separated so everyone is taken care of. There are so many good things on the menu and just not enough room in my stomach to try them all. Fish tacos are always good – love the homemade chips served with everything.

I also love the service here – friendly ALL THE TIME – which for a restaurant with such a strong following doesn’t have to have great service but it does! Everyone is friendly- I just love that.

Cheers to you Loco Coco and we hope you are here to stay for a LONG LONG TIME.

D K. ~ Yelp.com

I heard about this place from a cashier while shopping in Kittery…and I sure am glad that I was told about this little gem. She was raving about their Lime Salad with grilled shrimp. I’ll say, that it was pretty good.

But what astounded me was the fairly high caliber of tasty Mexican food and flavors for a place in Maine. I grew up in California and lived in Texas for a bit of time, and I still don’t get how so many places in can screw up the simple fresh tastes of Mexican food. Loco Coco’s has actually got the flavor profile right.

They have a good and tasty selection of salsas, a good drink menu, moist and flavorful carnitas and simple yet flavorful grilled meats that can be made into tacos, burritos, salads. One of these days, I’ll have to get down there to try their brunch chilaquilles.

I’m jealous that they aren’t in Portland…I really wish they were closer to me in Portland. I told one of my friends (also a transplant from Texas) about this place and she agreed – a surprisingly good Mexican restaurant in Texas.

AJ P. ~ Yelp.com

I’ll be honest. I came here because the name sounded like a funny tequila-induced-tongue-twister. I’m so glad I made this sober decision because the food was delicious and VERY filling. When two hungry men walk in starving, and walk out with enough food for another hungry man – you know that’s a lot.
When you enter the establishment, you’ll notice that there are two sections: one for people who want to be waited on, and one that’s more fast-food style.

I had the barbacoa pulled pork, and the chipotle chicken quesadilla. Each was a heaping portion of goodness that I can still taste as I’m writing this up. The California Fries were okay, it’s pretty much salsa, chips, and steak tips. Pair it up with some DosXX and Pacifica beer, and you’ve got yourself one helluva taco night. I do have a minor gripe with the size of the beers though, I feel like the price doesn’t adequately match with all of the other offerings (more expensive).

Out of all the places in the Kittery area, I think this might be the cheapest, tastiest, and most filling Mexican fare you can get. Definitely worth a re-visit.

Peter P. ~ Yelp.com

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